The Hizbul-Shaytan, Iran, finally exposed at their own hands – SYRIA’S REVOLUTION

Rafidi insanity, yes to :

Nusayri-pagan-Secularist war criminal and dictator, “The leader” Bashar Al-Assad.

But no to al-Farooq, Omar or as-Siddeeq Abu Bakr! May Allah curse the Rafidah who support the Shaytan Bashar and Khamenei,  and may Allah curse the Rafidi Safavid regime of polytheism and heresy.

This rotten regime was not getting tired to cheerlead all the Arab Revolutions that were in their interests (like Bahrain), but when it came to one of the olderst dictatorship clan in the world (the Al-Assad’s) suddenly the “defenders of the oppressed”, the Iranian regime and the major clerics of Rafidism (Shi’ism) around the world became (including the prostitute of the Safavid Rafidis in Iran, Hassan Nasrullat), became deaf, dumb and blind:

They came up with the most silliest excuse, rather with the most shameful accusation i.e. they claim that the revolution in Syria is “different” it is a “conspiracy by the Zionists and the West. Look who’s talking, a bunch of Rafidi-Zionists (starting from “Ahmadinejad” (aka Sabourjian) up to the “Maraji'”) accusing the revolution of the npble Syrian people that was kicked off by young people and carried on in almost every Syrian city, as a “conspiracy”!  All the Generals who bravely embraced the Syrian Free Army (SFE) are part of the conspiracy then! We are talking about some high ranking generals and officials. Ironically the Zionists themselves proudly declare that there favourite Arab dictator is the Alawite Bashar Al-Assad:

Israel’s favorite Arab dictator of all is Assad


And Assad’s favorite pet swine of all is Nasrallat

The alliance of Shirk tries its best to underestimate the Syrian people’s revolution, but the party of Satan will be the losers, no doubt: