The spawn of Ibn Saba’, the father of the Rafidah Shia

Polytheism/Graveworship (under the disguise of “Tawassul”/”Intercession”) within Rafidi Shi’isn and Jewism.

The ornate tomb of Daniel in Susa, 450 miles (750 kilometers) southwest of the capital Tehran, is cited by Iranians as an example of the historic bonds of Jews and Muslims in the country. The site is popular among both Muslims [in fact Rafidite Shi’ite heretics] and Jews, and some of the pious credit their prayers at the site for healing sick relatives or bringing rain for crops. Hundreds visit ever day, including high school students on field trips from around the country. The grave is in an underground crypt that is usually open only to Jews …

while both they and Muslims can visit an above-ground shrine over it, dazzling with mirrored tiles. In a sign of respect to the Jewish community, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered an inscription put on the grave reading, “This is the shining tomb of the sagacious prophet Daniel, who directed believers while tolerating difficulties for the sake of God.”


As for Islam, then it is as innocent of Shi’ism as Moses is of the Jews:

Prophet, Sahabah and Ahl Al-Bayt about praying at/near graves – WISDOM SERIES

Not “Wahhabism” rather PURE Sunnism upon the understanding of the Ahl Al-Bait – levelling EVERY grave and not touching/kissing it

The Jewish Khamsa/Hamsa in Rafidite Shi’ite culture

Popular and of RELIGIOUS importance among all polytheist sects and ignorant Muslims.

– Levantine Mushrik (mostly Lebanese) Christians call it the “hand of Mary”, for the mother of Jesus

– Mushrik Jews name it hamsa, but renamed it the hand of Miriam (Mary)

– In North-Africa, though being a Sunni Muslim area, nevertheless the Maghreb was once ruled by FATIMID-RAFIDITE HERETIC, who introduced all sorts of superstition into society, including the JEWISH “Khamsa/Hamsa” (though being known in the Maghreb as the “Hand of Fatima”. That is why one can find it among the Ignorant masses of north Africa. Hence it is a RAFIDITE leftover i.e. has no basis in the creed of the Ahl Al-Sunnah of the Maghreb people).

– The Rafidi (twelver Shia) sect has it’s own interpretation of this PAGAN, WATHANI (polytheistic) symbol. They take it as a symbol for the chopped hands of Abal-Fadhl Al-Abbas (rahimahullah) the half-brother of Al-Hussein whose hands had been cut off at the battle of Karbala. This pagan-Jewish symbol can be found in SHI’ITE religious centres, festivals etc. all over the world:

“Ayatollah” Al-Khoie centre in New York/Brooklyn proudly declaring their Saba’ite origin:

In some Jewish communities the “Hamsa/Khamsa” is still be painted over the door, for the sake of protection:

And since Shi’ism is of Jewish origin, there is no wonder that this Jewish symbol is an ESSENTIAL RELIGIOUS symbol of Shi’ism, to such an extent that the following unbelievable news, is sadly true:

“The chopped off hands of Abal-Fadhl Al-Abbas” (i.e. the Jewish Hamsa pagan symbol) are suppose to protect the new Iraqi (American Shia backed regime) of t Aeroplanes [Arabic news source] !

All the Mushriks and Esoterics have gathered here to share their love for the HAND with the ONE EYE in the middle:

As for the personality of Ibn Saba’ the Yemenite Jew whose existence (!) had been completely denied by some recent contemporary Shia scholars (in opposition to the major Shia scholars of the past like Nowbakhti who AFFIRMED his existence, and Al-Kulayni who narrated authentic narrations, confirming his existence), here is a video with clear-cut proof references proving that Ibn Saba’ DID exist and was indeed the first who spread the idea of the “divine leadership” of the Household of the Prophet and the cursing of the Prophet’s (صل الله عليه و سلم) companions:

Fore more information of the Jewish-Anti-Islamic origins of Shi’ism and the Masonic-Jewish reality of Iran check the following link:

The Dajjal, the Shia “Mahdi” & the masonic nature of the Safawi-Rafidi Republic