Over one million Iranian Sunnis in Tehran – Iranian officials say

Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:36

TEHRAN Recently launched official statistics by the Centre of Census in Iran purport that the population of Sunni citizens of the Iranian capital, Tehran, has crossed one million. The news has exasperated some officials. A Shiite website, Shia-online, reported the news quoting an “informed authority” at the state-run census centre that there are more than one million Sunnis living in Tehran. The authorities confessed for the first time that the Sunni citizens of Tehran populate more than one million persons.The country-wide statistics was carried out in the last month in Iran.The religious Shi’a website expressed its deep concerns over the news, as the operators of the Persian website posted the news with a critical heading: “One Million Sunnis Live in the Capital of Shi’a World (Tehran)”…

The above-mentioned website quoted the “informed and credible source” saying that the news aroused the fright and wonder of some authorities and officials of Iran.The report adds that the total populace in the Tehran province is about 12 million; it means Sunnis populate, approximately, 10% of the province population.It is pertinent to mention that the Sunni community of Tehran is prohibited to build any separate mosque. Sunnis have been offering prayers in some rented places; even, sometimes, the authorities and security officials impose restrictions on their gatherings for prayers on Fridays and Eid days.

Source: SunniOnline.us

Over one million, yet there is not a SINGLE Mosque for them to perform their religious rites according to their beliefs even though there are plenty of Firetemples, Churches, Synogegues and even SIKH temples in Tehran:

بیش از یک میلیون اهل سنت در تهران زندگی می کنند

Over one million people of the Sunnah (Sunnis/Ahl Al-Sunnah) are living in Iran, also reported by the http://www.islahweb.org/ website, the official website of the Tehrani Sunnah community (who are deprived of having a SINGLE Mosque, their gathering are in rented FLATS and houses, but even that is too much for the heretical Shia regime, fearing the spread of Tawheed and Sunnah they do not let the Sunnis having major gatherings like the last ‘Eid prayer in 2011) AND theinterestingly enough this news was spread by one of the largest Iranian Shia state run website on the net, namely  on http://shia-online.ir (the cache is still on the net), but they suddenly took down the article, having realised that it is more against them than for them …