Sunnis establish Eid prayers with fear under pressure

Thursday, 10 November 2011 14:03

TEHRAN- the Sunni worshippers held Eid prayers in

mega cities of Iran with fear and dread on Eid day,”SunniOnline” has learnt that despite the threats by the security authorities Sunni Muslims established Eid prayers in big cities, including Tehran.

The Iranian authorities took assumption from some Sunni imams at the night of Eid to not offer Eid prayers. Most of them had refused the illegal pressures. Some personnel took photos and videos of worshipers to abhor them.

Source: SunniOnline

Note: Although there are Mosques by Sunni communities all over the world, including Russia, USA and even Israel i.e. occupied Palestine (!), yet there is not a single Mosque in the capital of the so called ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’. Check the following >>> SOURCES <<<.

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