Zoroastrianism – A misunderstood monotheistic religion?

By SonsOfSunnah

Al-Hamdulillah, there are not many people today who dare to to repeat clear-cut lies like: Muslims worship the Ka’ba! It couldn’t get more ridicolous by accusing the purest monotheists on earth i.e. the Muslims of polytheism. The ignoramus tried it with the ‘moon god theory‘ and worse than that was the ‘Muslims worship the Ka’ba theory’. As a matter of fact in Islam (unlike Rafidi Shi’ism, Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism) ALL forms of worship are directed to the CREATOR ALONE i.e. there is no such a thing as:

– Give me, O holy fire, lively living!

– O sweet mary/Jesus help me

– O Ali help me (Ya Ali madad!)

– O holy Ka’ba protect me

Hence the Ka’ba for example is only and only a sacred house because it was built by Prophet Abraham and his son and it is a place of worship and it represents the prayer direction, no Muslim – not even deviants like the Rafidah Shias – pray TO the Ka’ba, therefore there are NO prayers, no sacrifices, no oaths i.e. NO WORSHIP AT ALL directed to the Ka’ba or ANYTHING else except the Creator Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala. (To read more about the ‘Ka’ba worship lie, click >>>HERE<<<.)

Now most of you might know that Christians, although being polytheists of the extreme polytheist kind, still claim to be upon monotheism! This is because – like most polytheists – they affirm Tawhid Al-Rububiyyah, this made them believe that they are in fact monotheists, although they ascribed not just partners to Allah but even a ‘son’. As such they’ve corrupted the pure monotheism of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) with the following pagan beliefs:

1. Trinity

2. Hulool– Lit. “Entering” – Divine indwelling.  The belief that Allaah dwells within a particular human.  i.e. That Allaah dwells in a particular Soofi shaykh,  a pious person, a Prophet – This belief is shared by Christians, certian Soofies, certian Sheites, Seekhs and others.

3. Directing the ESSENCE of worship – which is SUPPLICATION – to others than God under the PRETEXT of intercession (i.e. they call DIRECTLY on Jesus/Mary/Saints etc. just like Sufis and Rafidah).

In a nutshell: Christians are polytheist despite their claim of being ‘monotheists’ because they like TRUE and uncorrupted Tawhid (monotheism) and this is because they lack the Tawhid Al-Uluhiyyah.

Now what many people don’t know, the Zoroastrians the FIRE-WORSHIPPERS get offended alot when one calls them what they are namely: Fire-worshippers. Just like Christians they also claim to be upon Monotheism, the go even so far and claim that Islam, Christianity and Judaism (in their ignorance they think that these are originally three different religions, even though the religion with Allah was ALWAYS ISLAM i.e. SUBMISSION and MONOTHEISM, hence Jesus true followers were Muslims, Jesus was Muslims, the religion of Jesus was Islam so was the religion of ALL Prophets it was only man who changed it by worshipping the CREATION instead of the Creator.) originate from Zoroastianism.

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Zoroastrians and neo-Zoroastrians (Iranian nationalists) claim that Zoroastrianism is misunderstood and it is actually purely ‘monotheistic’, basically the same thing that Catholics claim about teir SAINT-WORSHIPPING sect. This is take from a major Zoroastrian website:


It is natural to revere fire, for it is one of the primal elements of nature (in modern terms, it is “plasma”, one of the four states of matter) and it is one of the things which makes civilization possible. It drives away the cold and the wild beasts, cooks food, burns away trash and uncleanness, sheds light in the darkness, serves as a signal to travellers, and brings people together around the hearth. It is LIGHT, WARMTH, and ENERGY.

And christians say it is natural to revere the cross, and Buddhists say it is natural to revere their golden Buddha Idols, and Hindus say it is natural to revere Shiva, Krishna etc. It is only Islam that forbids any sort of Idol-Worship, let alone the revering of Fire, Shrines etc. (Rafidi twelver Shi’ism and extreme Sufism represent paganism and not Islam hence they are deemed as heretics according to the scholars of Islam).

Most religions use fire in some way; the ancient Jews had an ever-burning fire on their own altar, and Christians always have candles on their altars at their services, as well as candles burning before their icons. Zoroastrianism has made fire its central symbol, the ultimate icon of a God who is also Light, Warmth, and Energy.

The above is very deceiving, for comparing candle lights in the church with Zoroastrian paganism where one DIRECTS HIS PRAYERS to the FIRE is not really fair. We shall prove later on how proudly Zoroastrians admit that they direct WORSHIP (prayer IS worship) to the CREATION (fire).

Zarathushtra, in his prophetic revelation, gave Fire a new meaning. It is not just the fire of the hearth, or of a specific god, but a universal fire, and a metaphysical fire. The Zarathushtrian fire now has an ethical and theological meaning. It is the fire of justice, the symbol of the Divine Attribute of ASHA. Its purifying properties are now extended to the ethical world, and fire becomes the means by which the wrongdoers will be purified in the afterlife. It is also a fire of intellectual illumination. As Zarathushtra says in the Gathas, Yasna 31.3, “The happiness You grant has been promised… through Your mental fire and righteousness.” (Ali Jafarey translation) The words for “mental fire and righteousness” in Avestan are mainyu athra-cha asha-cha which literally mean “through mind, through fire, and through ASHA (righteousness).” Thus when Zarathushtra talks about fire, one of his meanings is inner illumination, the fire of enlightenment through which God gives knowledge and courage to human beings. One prayer which devout Zoroastrians say every day (excerpted from the Gathas) says: “Who will, O wise One, give me protection, when the deceitful threatens to harm me, other than your Fire and Mind?” (Jafarey trans.) Fire is therefore a primal unifying force between God and humanity.

If the above is monotheism then so is Hinduism and Christianity. They’ve given the CREATION divine attributes (just like Christians did with Jesus and their Saints and Rafidi Shias did with their Imams and Sufis with their Saints etc.) and they CALL UPON the CREATION (fire) in their SUPPLICATIONS (just like Christians, Rafidi Shias …) and they claim that between man and Creator is the fire which ‘unifies’ humanity and God! This is the essence of Polytheism rather than Monotheism. All polytheists drag manking to the CREATION instead of to the creator.

Zoroastrians: Fire is therefore a primal unifying force between God and humanity. You have to call upon it.

Rafidi Shias: The Ahl Al-Bayt/Imams are the only way to God i.e. you have to call upon them.

Christians (Catholics): Jesus, Mary and thousand of saints are the only way to God i.e. you have to call upon them.

Let’s continue:

There are three “grades” of sacred fires: each one, in ancient times, corresponded with a sector of society, and each grade has a different level of holiness and ritual purity. How can a fire be”pure?” Zoroastrians have a holy duty to keep all the “elements” pure, whether earth, air, water, or fire. A pure fire is one that has never touched any dead human being or dog, nor is it used for secular work like cooking. A barbecue is a fire, but not a sacred fire. A pure fire, a temple fire, exists only for its iconic value and its religious symbolism. Thus it becomes pure, and different rituals are used to create the three grades of fire.

This is already the beginning and end of polytheism. They direct their PRAYERS to fire, they regard it divine and holy, rather a unifying force between humanity and God. No wonder they perform different acts of worship for the SAKE OF FIRE:

Supplication (ESSENCE of Worship):

Throughout their history Zoroastrians have been inaccurately called “fire-worshippers.” If one knew nothing about any religion, one might think that that is what they are doing when they gather reverently around the fire. But this is far from the truth. Every Zoroastrian knows that the sacred fire is just a symbol – a primal, grand, and beautiful symbol and worthy of reverence as such – but not divine in itself.

Sounds similar doesn’t it? It’s like the Cross-worshipping christians, telling us that them BOWING and PROSTRATING to a half-naked ‘Jesus’ Idol/Mary/Saint idol is just ‘symbolic’:


Rafidi Shi’ism:

This is by the way Kim jong-il of North-Korea …

This is how polytheism starts …

Also check:

Another reality of the Pagan Republic of Iran – Idols everywhere!

only symbolic …

But this is far from the truth. Every Zoroastrian knows that the sacred fire is just a symbol – a primal, grand, and beautiful symbol and worthy of reverence as such – but not divine in itself.

Correction: The only thing far from the truth is the so called relationship of Monotheism and Zoroastrianism. And fire is certainly not just a ‘symbol’ according to the pagan religion of Zoroastrianism, rather it is DIVINE, HOLY, SACRED and a primal unifying force between God and humanity and therefore it is WORTHY to be worshipped (according to Zoroastrianism) and the natural result of such exaggeration and paganism is that the ESSENCE of WORSHIP i.e. SUPPLICATIONS are ALSO directed to the CREATION (FIRE) in the Religion of the Fire-Worshippers as been confessed by themselves:

I close this essay with one of the most beautiful of Zoroastrian prayers, an excerpt from the Atash Nyayesh, or “Reverence to Fire.” Though this prayer is not from the Gathas of Zarathushtra, it is still used by all the various groups of Zoroastrians, from reformers to traditionalists.(Darmesteter translation)

“…I bless this sacrifice and invocation, and the good offering, the beneficent offering, the offering of assistance offered unto thee, O fire, son of Ahura Mazda [Ahura Mazda = Good God]… may you have the right wood – may you have the right incense – may you have the right food – may you have the right fuel! May you burn in this house, may you ever burn in this house, may you blaze in this house, may you increase in this house, even for a long time, till the powerful restoration of the world, till the time of the good powerful restoration of this world.

Give me, O fire, son of Ahura Mazda, lively welfare, lively maintenance, lively living, fulness of welfare, fulness of maintenance, fulness of life; Knowledge, sagacity, quickness of tongue, holiness of soul, a good memory, and the understanding that goes on growing and the understanding that is not acquired through learning…

Give me, O fire, son of Ahura Mazda, however unworthy I am, now and forever, a seat in the bright, all-happy, blissful abode of the holy Ones. May I obtain the good reward, a good renown,and long cheerfulness for my soul.”

Nemase-te Atarsh Mazdao Ahurahe hudhao mazishta yazata!

(Hail unto you, O fire of Ahura Mazda, O beneficent and most great guardian spirit.)

Give me O Ali, give me O Jesus, give me o Fatimah, Give me O Mary, give me O Gabriel, give me O Ram, give me O Hussein, give me O Krishna, give me O Imam/Saint … give me O FIRE, SON OF AHURA MAZDA (GOD).

If the above is Monotheism then there is no such a thing as Shirk (polytheism) on this earth. And as if Allah Almighty wanted to give a sign to all logical thinking believer in God, we can still see the clear-cut polytheistic leftovers of the Fire-worshipping cult (Zoroastianism) in the ‘Nowrooz’ (Zoroastrian New year) festival:

The above also proves the deep influence of Zoroastrianism on the heretical cult of Rafidism (Twelver Shi’ism). Lastly we’d like to emphasise that from a monotheistic point of view (Islam) Zoroastrianism is as much as monotheistic as Christianity is and we’ve stated the Islamic point of view regarding this religion that claims to be upon monotheism. We do not intend to insult Zoroastrians or the Zoroastrian religion, in fact – just like in the case of Christianity – there is a possibilty that Zoraster was a pious Prophet of Allah who had been sent to the Persian people, but just like the later Christians turned the pure teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him) into pure paganism (trinity etc.), the very same might had happened to [Prophet] Zoroaster. This is one possibility, in any case, Allah sent Prophet to ALL people and tribes and all the Prophets had one mission:

There is no other deity in existence who is worthy of worship except Allah (God).

So all praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all the Prophets and Messengers.

PS: Zoroastrianism is giving a helping hand to extinguish itself, for just like the Private-Club of Judaism (according to the majority of Jewish Rabbis it is barely possible to convert ot Judaism), Zoroastrianism too (what many don’t know) does not recommend let alone permit the conversion of Non-Zoroastrians to Zoroastrianism. They are even stricter than Jews, for to be a Zoroastrian, both your father AND mother must be ZOROASTRIAN born. It doesn’t matter if you are an Iranian or you ancestors were Zoroastrian, the club closed its gates, at least according to the majority and most knowledgable Zoroastrian priests (except Iranian Zoroastrians, the ‘liberal’ ones who of course accept conversions), read HERE. Who wasn’t born a Zoroastrian isn’t worth to be one … Jewish like system, t Zoroastrianism is a strictly ethnic religion, whereas Islam is for mankind.

6 thoughts on “Zoroastrianism – A misunderstood monotheistic religion?

  1. This article is nothing but Wahhabi propaganda. Wahhabism is perverted form of Islam. The author does not umderstand what it means to believe on One God. He misrepresent Christianity, Hinduism and Shia Islam.

  2. Leave your Wahhabi-Phobia at home, this is an Iranian SUNNI website. And what did the author ‘misunderstand’?! The article above is FILLED with evidence from Zoroastrian scripture, proving it’s kufri reality. As for believing in one God, well the Satan (read the Qur’an) and the pagan Quraish (again, read the Qur’an), ALL believed in God, believing in God alone without dedicating ALL worship to him is worth nothing.

  3. This has got to be, by far, the DUMBEST article I’ve ever read. Not even Christians are capable of this sort of nonsensical polemical stupidity as the author of this article is in his “refutation” of Zoroastrian Monotherism.

    Buddy, you’ve talked a lot, but in effect said (let alone proved) absolutely nothing. When you highlight and italicize excerpts from Zoroastrian texts, and then follow them up with your own take on what they “mean” pertaining the Zoroastrians’ take on fire, all you are doing is communicating your own opinion, and I hate to break it to you but, your opinion is precisely that, just an opinion, and not evidence of “Shirk” on the part of Zoroastrians.

    And you are about as much a MUSHRIK for going to a DOCTOR and asking him to give you medicine for your diarrhea instead of asking Allah directly (whom you do believe is creator of EVERYTHING, including disease and medicine) as a Zoroastrian is in acknowledging the role of fire in one’s spiritual healing and progress.

    You’ve concluded from your quotations above that Zoroastrians think that Fire is Ahura Mazda himself, rather than a THIRD PARTY “energy” mediating between the Divine and mankind. Fine. Just don’t blame the Zoroastrian when he comes across your “tafseer” of Zororastrian texts and observes you to be an Islamofascist, and a moron.

  4. Fact is I provided PLENTY evidence from Zoroastrian text, proving that seeking rescue to fire, blessing for fire and other acts of WORSHIP (!) are all common in Zoroastrianism. Now according to you this might not be shirk (polytheism) but according to Islam it is Shirk, that’s a plain fact, that’s THE Islamic opinion and not just ‘my opinion’. As for your cheap shot i.e. the old, repeated and lame excuse ALL polytheists love to bring up i.e. ‘going to a DOCTOR and asking him to give you medicine’, then this is a false and wrong analogy.

    1. The basis of this analogy is wrong, since you are comparing the creator (God/ALlah whom we PRAY to and ask for HELP) to the creation (‘a doctor’)
    2. Nobody goes to a DEAD doctor to ask him for help, or do you go the the grave to your passed away medic and ask him for help?
    3. Whatever we as Muslim (true monotheists) ask from the creation (Doctors, Mothers, friends etc.) is not shirk by definition, because merely asking someone for something is NOT shirk. What is shirk is to ask other than Allah for something only Allah gives, hence calling Mary/Jesus/Ali/Stones/Idols/FIRE for BLESSING etc. is PURE worship and something only Allah can grant so whoever asks them for something like this is a Mushrik.

    You also said:

    ‘You’ve concluded from your quotations above that Zoroastrians think that Fire is Ahura Mazda himself’

    I never said that, in fact as Muslims it is not problematic for us to believe that Zoroastrianism in its ORIGINAL form was a MONOTHEISTIC religion, and Ahura Mazda was the one and only God (as the Zoroastrians called him). Nevertheless, just like Christianity and even many so called Islamic sects such as Shi’ism have been corrupted and INFESTED with clear-cut polytheism and thus having no relation to Monotheism (although they claim to be monotheists), then the same goes for Zoroastrianism that has been corrupted.

  5. well written article! paganism is getting someone between u and God, and the other extreme is athiesm leaving God at all. Islam is the best way the direct connection with God as taught by our Prophets!

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