Rafidi-Safawi regime’s fear of Iranian Sunnah Sat. channels

This is what currently happens in many parts of Iran after many years (the Rafidi Priests and Rabbsi aka “AyatullaT’s” were never frightened like this before):

Besides of “D-A-J-J-A-L” one can clearly read FEAR on their shirk infested foreheads, here (in Persian and Arabic subt.):

the notorious Ayadollar Qazwini (also known as the Musaylamah of our time), threatening the Saudi gov. and Royal family (!!!?) with “exposure”, if they do not stop Wesal Farsi TV. Ironically the Saudi Government did not spent a penny on Wesal Farsi TV, if so, then it wouldn’t take over 30 years for Iranians Sunnis after the Revolution to launch one of their Sunni channels. By the way, just lately the Ayadollar Qazwini started “exposing” the Saudi government (for they did not prevent Wesal TV from broadcasting and exposing the Rafidi cult), they simply played tapes of the current, old and very ill King of KSA, mocking him and his Qur’an recitation. WOW, what a “exposure”, Wesal Farsi TV must be very scared now, so must be the Saudis, well, Wesal Farsi TV should ask the Rafidah to play one of the recorded prayers of one of their biggest Marja’s (Ayadollar$) on earth, i.e. MAKKAAR Al-SHIRAZI the laughing Firepriest stock.

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