Obsession with women’s sexuality in Islam?

In Islam, both men and women are required to be respectable. It just so happens that women are the fairer sex and have more to cover up in order not to be enticing. That’s all. But both have to cover and both have to be respectable.

Your (non-Muslims) “political correctness” spider senses are probably tingling by now, but there’s no need to deny it. You personally differentiate between a topless man and a topless women, so why pretend? Men and women are different, and that doesn’t necessitate that one of the two be oppressed.

Non-Muslims can point fingers all they want and claim that Muslims are obsessed with sex, but the flat-out reality is that a person can take just one look at America or Western Europe to see an over-obsession with sexuality – especially, especially especially the female body.

Where in the world do you see scantily-clad women on advertisements for virtually e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g? What the heck does a woman in a bikini have to do with cars or a brand of cigarettes or even food? Do any Americans remember the silly commercial “Tiny Polka-dot Bikini” that’s about freaking yoghurt??

Where in the world do you have legal ‘businesses’ called “Gentlemen’s Clubs” wherein women get up on stage and dance whilst removing their clothes, for the pleasure of onlooking men? Is it Saudi Arabia or America?

Where in the world do you have an entire industry based in Hollywood, that objectifies women day and night? Then there’s the porn industry.

Where in the world are women – young and old – pressured beyond belief, by society, to overindulge in looking good so as to be accepted by – you guessed it – the men? Whereas the pressure on men is not nearly the same. Bulimia and anorexia are way more likely to be found amongst women.

And where in the world are the youth aged 13 – 25 (ish) becoming increasingly obsessed with sex to an alarming degree? Does high school or university in America revolve around anything other than sex, drinking, drugs, and parties? Most youth will tell you, “No.”

It sure as heck ain’t religious Muslim countries like Saudi, Qatar etc, I’ll tell you that much.

Simply put: Sexual promiscuity is one of the backbones of the deterioration of any nation. Allah knows His creation, and as such He put very simple rules and etiquette that humankind must follow, in order to protect themselves from punishment, but also to protect their societies from the disorder that would occur if they allow promiscuity to flourish – as we are seeing in the West today.

P.S. It’s weird that some try to separate between nudity and sexuality, in order to make Muslims (and religious people in general) look overly-obsessed with sex. For instance they bring up naked tribespeople in jungles, who are practically irrelevant. The simple fact is that the 20-foot billboards in Manhattan which show young, mostly-naked women in suggestive poses and facial expressions aren’t about having a ‘mature attitude towards nudity.’

You can’t possibly be trying to tell any sane person that dlike that aren’t about sexuality.
Be well.


By ‘Abd al-Kareem

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  1. Non-muslims are perverts par excellence. So it is amazing that they have the audacity to point fingers at other people, and claim them to be obsessed with sexuality, when they themselves are obsessed by sexuality.

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