The Turban – Opium Of The Safavids

 The Turban – Opium Of The Safavids 

All Praises And Thanks Be To ALLAH

Exposing the Rafidah (Imamite Shias)

The Film which was prevented from publishing in Iran and warned by Lebanese Hezbollah not to be watched in forums,

The Film which made the advocates of Safavid Shi’ism Suffer
After the big achievement that the Film has made it and the collapse that it caused to the Shi’ite websites and forums after the big demands to translate it to English, so our Muslim brothers can see the real face of Shi’ites creed

Here we are now presenting to you the English Edition of

◄▓▒░The Turban: Opium of The Safavids░▒▓►

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