Tonight live debate (regarding “Imamat”) in Farsi language – مناظره بين اهل سنت و شيعه

امشب ساعت 10 به وقت ایران مناظره سنی وشیعی در مسنجر بیلوکس
موضوع امامت در قراان
Since a couple of years, a group of Sunnah Iranian brothers inside and outside of Iran launched their “Ahle Sonnat Iran Ansaar Aal Mohamad” Beyluxe room (similar to Paltalk, yet preferred by Iranians since Paltalk is blocked in Iran). One of the Talab Elm (students) who is known for his Shia refutations (he is a writer on will held a debate with a twelver Shi’ite tonight 10pm Tehran Time Insha’allah.

This is how can find the room:

– Install Beyluxe (Freeware, check google)
– Go to Rooms, section “Asia” then “Iran”
– The room name changes frequently, but it is something like “Ahl Sonnat, Ansaar Aal Mohammad” etc.

correction: The debate was moved to a NEUTRAL room, neither Sunnah owned nor Shia, the DEBATE IS ON! this is where you can find the room:

room name: ________GOFTEGO AZAD SHIEE VA SONNI______
Topic: “Imamat, one of the foundations of the Deen, or a fairy tale and superstition”

(it’s a two on two debate, two Sunnah brothers and two Shias)

(BTW: The SAME topic was dealt with in spring 2010, where after over 2 hours (!) debate, all the Shubuhat/arguments of the Shi’ite were wiped away and he eventually just ran off! We will put the link to the 2010 debate soon here Insha’Allah)

Join and enjoy, so far no one was able to refute the brothers in the room, though (Rafidah Shias) have send their scholars, students and what not.

PS. The room is ANYTIME ready to debate with ANYONE, LIVE on the messenger. Let us know if you know a Shia Shaykh, debater, simply bring somone who is strong and worth it. The debates are in Farsi.

Edit: 22:53pm:



Intisaar! victory for Ahl Al-Sunnah! over two hours, finally the Shias started
swearing and shouting and wallahi, tallahi the Sunnah debater was so calm, and polite yet his tongue was like a Zulfiqar, they were so desperate, they had nothing left but to swear. (they started cursing Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman and called us sons of “whor..s” for we don’t accept the non existing “Imamate” of their Imams, which even their best debaters could not prove.)

Basically all they did was Qiyas. For remember, the topic is IMAMAH, the Imamah of the twelve Imams in the Qur’an, who are SUPERIOR to ALL Prophets (except Muhammad), SUPERIOR than the mighty Prophets like Ibrahim and Eesa, yet Allah mentioned them (Ibrahim etc.) plenty times in the Qur’an AND MENTIONED their Prophethood AND the wisdom in their mission (for they are means of GUIDANCE). In fact just for a second leave outthe greatest among the Prophets, for even Prophets lesser in rank like Dawood and Yunes are mentioned in the Qur’an, (Allah says he has made Dawood a KHALIFA on earth!), yet, those who are superior than ALL THE PROPHETS BEFORE MUHAMMAD (SAWS), those for whom the CREATION was created for (Ahl Al Bait Imams), those who control the atoms of the creation, those who are Imams by BIRTH, nay rather before they were human beings i.e. when they were lights, those for whom (according to Rawafid), ALL the Prophets came to DECLARE the WILAYAH AND IMAMAH of Ali (in fact they replaced Tawhid with Wilayah!), those DON’T have A SINGLE AYAH DEDICATED in tHE Qur’an! NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Although, this is the Book full of Noor, the Book of light and guidance, that covers even tiny issues, and certainly the Asl (foundation) of the Deen. The prayer is mentioned over 90 times, dogs are mentioned in the Qur’an even the menstruation of the women, and of course all THE USOOL (foundations) of the Religion, but the MOST SUPERIOR so called FOUNDATION (ASL), which is supposed to GUIDE us, i.e. the Imamate of the 12 Imams is no where to find.

All the tiny Prophets are EXPLICITELY mentioned, yet there is not ONE IMAM in the Qur’an! THAT IS WHY they try (usually and they did in the debated) the following:

(shaitani qiyas):

“The CONCEPT of DIVINE Imamah in the Qur’an” (i.e. not the topic of the Imamate of the twelve Imams).

They have no legs to stand on, for all they do is Qiyas (analogy), they take every Ayah in regards to PROPHETHOOD of different Prophets and say: “Look, the following Prophet was made and IMAM!” ALL the Ayas speaking about PROPHETS! Yet what they do is sheitani Qiyas, no clear-cut evidence for their Baatini-hidden most superior (!) foundation of their sect!

Anyway I could not record it, but a brother did and promised me to upload it for me, Insha’allah I will let you know, so check out this post again.

Edit: 23th of May 2011, 23:57pm:

Sorry for the delay, but here are all the debates for you to watch and enjoy (including the debate on the very same topic in 2010)


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  1. Allahu Akbar. The shia have no arguments for their superstitious beliefs. Their religion is based on inventions and paganism.

  2. please brother can you translate these debates in ENGLISH i am not from persia but i am most likely to heard the debate……

  3. salam wa rahmatullah,

    no sorry we can’t do that, we do not have the capacity to translate over 4 hours of debate, it’s literally impossible for us. I think such a project is not possible, unless you pay someone to do that, since it is very, very hard work.

  4. Salaam. Why do you say it is impossible to translate? It is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I don’t speak Farsi. Most muslims don’t. But we NEED to KNOW Please let us know how much it will cost and how we can pay – paypal?. Please respond ASAP

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