Khamenei worshipped Ali before he could even wipe his own bottom …

The following is actually quite shocking for muslim standards, but since the Rafidah “scholars” are yet again involved, I think none of us should be much astonished by them.

Khamenei said ‘Ya Ali’ at birth

That is what we’ve found on the “” news website. Being fully aware that the secular “” website is not really reliable in terms of religious matter, we  – even in case of the Rafidah Shia clery – decided to give them the benefit of doubt, we mean, seriously what sort of nonsense and superstition is this? Do they want to defend it by saying that baby Jesus (AS) also had spoken i.e. comparing their Taghooti “Imam” Khamenei with a Prophet?  But we didn’t need to wait long, to see with our own eyes that the news is not just true, rather it is even more pagan and ridicolous as the “” news could ever put it.

See it for yourself and judge for yourself: