This is some very good news. Those who know Arabic and frequently watch the Arabic sattelite channels, are definitely aware of the Wesal TV channel [>>watch it online<<]. It’s  on air for less than two years now, yet it is extremely successful, even though for more than one year it didn’t even have any kind of shows, let alone moderators and live shows. All it have done for its success was simply to playback tapes of the heresies (Kufriat) and superstitions (Khurafat) of the Rafidite (Shia Imamite) scholars. It is basically the first time ever that muslims as far as in marocco can sit back and judge Imamite twelver Shi’ism by the sayings of its scholars. Eventually this was enough to shake the Rafidite-Shi’ite world (the Iranian regime attacked the sattelite channel many times and even managed to shut it down for one day) for the massive success of Wesal TV speaks for itself.

In summer 2010 the Iranian Sunnah Shaykh Abul Muntasir Al-Baloushy announced that soon a new Sunnah Iranian channel (for the very first Sunnah Iranian channel was “Nour TV” that – due to the pressure of the Iranian regime – heavily reduced any sort of direct confrontation with the Shia allegations and the political situation of the Sunnah in Iran) will be launched. It is completely independant, and took over ten years time to be launched (yet the stooges of the Safavid-Shi’ite Republic are launching a new channel almost each and every year!) and due to the popularity and support of the Arabic “Wesal TV” the new Sunnah channel in Persian language was named:

“Wesal Farsi” (wesal means “connection” in Arabic and Persian).

The director, Dr Abdul-Rahim Mollazadeh (Abul Muntasir) promised not to compromise anything whatsoever, neither in religious nor in political matters. The aim of the channel is not to abuse the Shia, especially the Shia of Iran who constitute the majority in Iran. Rather the aim is to present them an alternative to the heretical Shia cult, and as Sunnah we believe that the very first victims of this belief are the Shia Iranians themselves (their wealth is exploited in the name of “Khums” and their women in the name of Mot’ah/temporary marriage). Of course it will also be a platform for the Sunnah Iranians inside Iran who are even deprived of having a village Radio station, let alone a TV station. Hence with compromising it is meant to speak in plain and straight language with the people, no hypocricy and sweet-talk, rather clear-cut refutations and expositions of the Safavid-Rafidite faith of the “signs of God” (“Ayatollah’s”) in Qom. Keeping in mind that the Iranian regime itself own numerous channels inside Iran AND a couple of religious channels in Europe and America, it is more than just the right of the Sunnah Iranians and Farsi/Dari speaking Muslims around the world to response to the daily attack of the Shia clergy on the beliefs of the Sunnah.

Here a foretaste, including the very reason why this channel was launched in the first place (i.e. calling to Monotheism and Sunnah and answering the allegations and lies of the Safavid-Shias):

The channel’s director is the famous Iranian Da’iyah (caller to Islam) Dr Abdul-Rahim Mollazadeh (Abul Muntasir Al-Baloushy) and it will be supported by a group of Iranian and Farsi speaking scholars and students in the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) city of Madinah.

This is the channel’s website: WESALFARSI.TV

And here the news in Arabic and Persian (we urge you to spread the news to Forums etc.):

Arabic: بشرى سارة : انطلاق البث التجريبي لقناة وصال فارسي

Farsi: راه اندازی دو کانال ماهواره ای جدید برای اهل سنت ایران  – وصال فارسی و کلمه

The channel will be available on Hotbird (where most Iranian channels are hosted and thus most Iranians outside AND inside Iran gonna receive WESAL FARSi.), Galaxy and Nilesite i.e. it will nearly cover up the entire globe. As for now it is on Air on Nilesat only, it’s basically a testing phase, and soon it will launch on Hotbird (which will basically cover ALL of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan etc.)

Here a playlist with some of the released clips on Wesal Farsi TV


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  1. Salam Alaikum,
    Brother Update your article.

    Wesal is now Global. Alhamdulellah!

    Hotbird: 11411 – H – 2500
    Galaxy19: 11929 – V – 22000



  4. Firstly Parviz (Majoosi) we are very grateful that you’ve givin us and especially our viewers a taste of the so called “Iranian culture and civilization”. Interestingly 99% of you scumbag Iranian Islamophobs and racists are known on the Internet for profanity, profanity and yeah, before I forget: PROFANITY! After all you guys claim to be superior than “savage muslims and arabs and what not”, is this your “superioty”? It this your way to deal with a religion you can’t stand? Well, we as muslims must be happy to have such low life, bad mouthed enemies like you.

    Secondly, you said Islam is a dead religion. Now this might be the most stupid thing you’ve ever sad in your miserable life, for even the staunchest enemies of Islam acknowledge (in fact warn!) that Islam is the fasted growing religion in the WORLD, especially in EUROPE, AMERICA and Australia.

    So die in your grudge and burn in Hell with Khomeini.

  5. سلام خسته نباشید به اقاملازاده ازهرمزگان هستم امام جمعه شهرمون بیشتربل شیعه هاست در خطبه جمعه از دولت و سیلست صحبت میکند بیشتر حرف شبعه ها به ما منتقل مبکند ابا نماز خواندن بشت سرش درست هست در ضمن از بندر جارک هستم م
    یخواهیم بفهمد

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  7. مثل اینکه خواهر و مادر ملازاده را در زندان آقای خامنه ای کوس دریدند به همین خاطر است که آن جمله را در مورد رهبر آوردند شما پدر سوخته گان مادر جنده گان هیچ گاهی درست خواهید شد چونکه مادر و خواهر و زن شما را شیطان کوس دریده من میگویم تمام وهابی ها و سنی ها را خر کوس و کون کند من خواهر تمام شما کوس فروشان را کوس کنم شبکه کوس دخترت را بسیار زود خواهیم بست خواهر و مادر تمام شما را سگ کوس کند

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    از شما خواهشم میکنم که این کلیپ که آدرس یوتیوب آن را در اینجا کاپی کردم برای مردم نشان دهید. این کلیپ در یکی از شهر های پاکستان است. جای بسیار خجالت برای آن آدمیان است که در قرن بیست ویکم هنوز هم مانند فرعونیان به انسان سجده میکنند.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGGEdX7Qzno&feature=player_embedded
    والسالام. عبدالقادر امین از ایالت کولورادو امریکا.

  11. سلام به کسانی که به قرآن شریف عمل می کند ولعنت به کسانی که مسلمانان رابه جنګ هم میندازند

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