Sunnis’ worship place sealed in Tehran, Imam detained

TEHRAN- The Iranian authorities raided on a worship place of Sunni Muslims in Tehran on Sunday, 6th Feb where they sealed the house and arrested the Imam of worship place Shaikh “Obaidullah Mousa Zadeh”.

The Sunnis in Iran are not allowed to build a single mosque in Tehran, they have been trying to get permission to build a mosque in the capital city of Iran, but their efforts still go in vain, so they offer five-time prayers including Friday prayer in some houses, but unfortunately, the security authorities on Sunday morning (06-02-2011) raided a house in which Sunni worshipers were praying, after sealing it they arrested the imam who was religious leader of the Sunnis in that area.

The security authorities have threatened also Sunnis in two other houses to arrest and seal their worship places if they do not stop offering prayers there, though the Sunnis and administration of the Community gather in such particular places only for five-time prayers and Friday sermon, as it is the legal and basic right of every individual which should be granted to every one; Sunni worshipers never take part in anti state and unity activities.

It is noteworthy that the Sunnis in Tehran do not have a single mosque, although they are a big part of the inhabitants of the capital, it is popular that “Tehran” is the only capital over the world where a single mosque of the Sunnis is not existing.

No one could imagine that a regime which carries title of “Islamic Republic” and claims for “unity” among the Muslim sects and nations to stop the followers of the largest Muslim sect in the world from offering prayers in congregation in its capital; this discriminatory act is completely contrary to the Constitution and Islamic Sharia.

More over, neither Shiite minorities in Muslim countries nor Muslims in other countries face such cruel treatment, but surely the Iranian government will not be able to unite people and nations if they treat their fellow citizens, Sunnis in this way, which is totally against the justice according to international rules.


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