Sunnis prevented to offer F.Prayers in Tehran province

Thursday, 21 October 2010 05:28

TEHRAN: The extremist groups and some authorities have curbed Sunnis in Tehran province to offer Friday prayers with congregation after forbidding them before to offer Eid prayers in the capital of Iran.
There is no specific place (Masjid) for Sunnis to offer Fridays & Eid prayers along with congregation, but Sunni Muslims were offering such prayers in some homes or public places inside the city and the outskirts of the capital Tehran.

According to “Eslah Web” the administration has prevented Friday prayers gathering of the Sunni community in this week, specifically in “Shahrak Danesh”, located in the suburb of “Quds” city as well as in “Naseem Shahr” in the suburb of “Rabat Kareem” in Tehran province.
A leader of “Preaching & Reform Organization” while talking to this website has confirmed such news and further said, “Unfortunately, there are clear contradictions in the conduct of the concerned departments with this issue. On one side the Interior Minister denied any kind of prohibition on the religious exercise of the Sunni community in the meeting with some Sunni members of the Parliament, and the provincial governor of Tehran also denies the forbidding of Eid al-Fitr gathering in Tehran, but on the other side we found the presence of city governor of “Quds” as he came personally on Friday, 15the October and prevented the Sunnis from offering Friday prayers which is the order of Almighty Allah and such worships do not need the approval of any government.”
In response to recommendation of having one Friday congregation by comparing Tehran with Makkah and Medina, he more added, “The officials have forgotten that apart of Friday gathering in Masjid-ul-Haram and Masjid-un-Nabi there are many congregations of Friday and Eid prayers as there are several mosques near the Muslims’ Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque where people offer Friday prayers, this freedom returns to the Sunns’ jurisprudence.”
“In addition, it is stated in the Article XII of the Constitution after declaring the Twelver Shi’ite doctrine as official religion that the four Sunni schools of thought and the followers of all religions have complete freedom to practice their religious rites, and the term “Full respect” supports this right. Unfortunately, such behaviors are contrary to freedom and respect of us which is emphasized in the Constitution,” Mr Setoodeh added.
“With regard to the practical dimension we can ask such elements, are the Shiite worshipers in the Sunni majority cities of Iran attending the prayer congregations of the Sunnis? The answer is as clear as crystal for anyone as we find the vast Shiite mosques in those cities and even in some villages of the Sunni Community,” he pointed.
It should be noted that Tehran is the only capital in the world where there is no any mosque of the Sunnis.

Source: & Eslah Web