Iran banned Sunni’s Eid congregation in Tehran

TEHRAN: The Iranian authorities have banned the Sunni community of the capital, Tehran to offer Eid prayers inside houses.
According to trustworthy reports from the capital of the country the forces entered those houses where the Eid congregation held by the Sunni inhabitants on Fridays and Eids and they got control there, forced them to avoid from offering Eid prayers in congregation.
Rather the Iranian authorities suggested the Tehran’s Sunnis to offer this prayer behind the revolution leader Ayatollah Khamenehi if they want to perform it.
Before this Sunni community of Tehran was allowed to offer Eid prayers in congregation inside their homes but now some Shiite extremists are using their governing power as they banned on the Sunni inhabitants of Tehran to have Eid congregation, in addition to it there are some other cities where the Sunni community was also banned to have Eid congregation such as Esfahan, Kaashan, Qom, Kerman and Yazd.
It is also notable that Tehran is the only city all over the world where Sunni Muslims do not have a single Masjid.