Increasing pressure on the Sunnis in Iran

If we cast a glance to the events that happened during the last few weeks, we would come to know well that pressure on the Sunnis in Iran is increasing day by day and now it has gone up more than before. Everyone can realize clearly how some radical elements lurk as they left no stone unturned to impose their personal views on the Sunni community; which is totally at odds with the national interests and the given rights to the Sunni community in the Iranian Constitution.
This process of pressure started from the capital Tehran, the Sunnis are deprived of only one mosque for the worship of almighty Allah in the capital city which is their living place, and they were prevented to offer Eid prayers in homes and places allocated to them by the security authorities of the establishment.

The case raised great concern to the Sunni community and heavily broadminded Shiites, even though the provincial governor of Tehran accelerated in the denial of such a ban and released a list of exotic places where Ahl-us-Sunnah offered Eid prayers, but the presence of the city governor of “Quds” in person and his prevention the Sunnis from offering Friday payers in “Shahrak Danesh”, located in Tehran province two weeks ago, proved the veracity of the reports of the Sunni sources over the prevention of prayers which had been offered in homes or public places and their closure by the security authorities.
It has surprised everyone and added to their tags screamed over the unawareness of the provincial governor for these acts, as well as state ban on Shaikh Abdul Hameed’s abroad travels and the confiscation of his personal means along with his delegation’s outfits accompanying him in Tehran’s international airport.
Stranger than it, Haji Abdul Rahim Shah Bakhsh, the nephew of Shaikh Abdul Hameed, one of his companions in the Turkey journey, was summoned to a court in Tehran to respond his laptop computer which was confiscated during their return from Turkey, but he was soon plagued by the fate of the computer! Where authorities arrested him, he is still in prison without permission to meet or make call to his family members.
Then the incident of confiscation of some top Sunni scholars’ passports in Tehran’s international airport by the authorities, preventing them from leaving the country was another discriminative step from the government, as well as arraign of Shaikh Abdul Rasheed Shah Bakhsh, imam and preacher of the Sunnis in Zabul city to the Special Court for Clerics in Mashhad last week was a sign of the recent string pressure on the Sunnis and the continuing policy of discrimination in the country.
Meanwhile the “Sunni Online”, which is active as the official website of the Sunnis in Iran, also did not remain safe from the filtering and hacking during this period. These illegal practices are also not less horrendous than unjustified detention of passport of the Sunni scholars and prevention them from offering Eid and Friday prayers in major cities of Iran.
Some of the extremists that carry in their hearts especial enmity over the unity of the Sunnis and the leaders of the Sunnis, also found a golden opportunity to spread rumors to poison the atmosphere. The attack of anonymous on Shaikh “Mohammed Islam”, a teacher of Darululoom Zahedan by knife was a wild-goose chase to destabilize the security in this city.
The authorities those carry out such practices should remind that they just target unity of the nation and weak trustful relations between the State and people. The question is that the opportunist groups what want with prevention of offering Friday and Eid prayers in the big cities?! Why they imposed travel ban on the Sunni scholars?!
What is the point of blocking “Sunni Online”?!
Who gives to foreign news agencies opportunities?!
Those who bothered and agonized over the publishing news of the Sunnis in the Arab land’s newspapers and websites should answer this question: “Who is responsible for recent events and pressures?”
Obviously, we live in an age that the world has been changed to a “village”, news in a few seconds move on the one hand to the other hand; such elements must know that to leave people in ignorance about the current situation in the world is a wild-goose chase. We should do our best with farsightedness to find a place in this world be close to others by proximity.
It is the desire of some elements to muzzle the Sunnis and the quest for a rollback in their news publishing outside the country, it is an unfeasible desire far from logic and completely contrary to the fundamental rights of citizens of Sunnis. Is the use of force against the Sunnis who just try to get their rights according to the Constitution is reasonable?
It is no secret that Sunnis are the second majority of the population in Iran, they do not come in other religious minorities of Iran, as well as they had a prominent role in the triumph of the revolution in 1979, they sacrificed their lives and their blood to preserve the sovereignty of the country.
In spite of some wrong substances in the Constitution which prevent the Sunni community from many of their national rights, they have remained silent over these articles and have accepted it to maintain national unity and security; in light of the Constitution they have been demanding their legitimate rights.
Is there contrast with the articles of the Constitution or international law in their claim of religious freedom and demand of a mosque in the major cities to offer Friday and Eid prayers? Is it a wrong demand that discrimination in employment and the use of the Sunnis in the armed forces to defend the sovereignty of the country must be removed?
In addition to this, no one is ready to listen these demands but many times the rulers took actions against those who raised such demands; is it consistent with the articles of the International Charter of Human Rights which was signed by Iran as well?
Finally we should mention the argument draws the attention of Ayatollah Rafsanjani, who said a few days ago in a meeting with graduates of different universities, “In today’s world if a person wants to hate people to do something, it is in fact the cradle of areas of the opposite thing.” He also pointed out, “The Constitution insists on people’s rights and religious freedom, so the society can progress by ensuring the rights of all communities.”