Videos & article series refuting the lies of the Anti-Islam nationalists

We’d like to present you a fabulous playlist with many beneficial videos, refuting the common lies of the enemies of Islam, particularly the lies and doubts that are usually being spread by the Iranian nationalists who blame day and night the religion of Islam and Arabs for their miserable lifes. There is a whole series by a scholar in Tehran named “Mostafa Tabatabai”, the son of Ayatollah Tabatabai, yet he left the Ghuluww (extremism) of the twelver Shi’ite cult and exposed many Khurafat (superstition) of the Shi’ite sect. Recently he has started to respond to the lies of a well known Islam hater (he got his own sattelite channel) named “Bahram Moshiri”. This Moshiri guy does not know any arabic, and depends on translated, unverified history books (like Tabari), yet this is of course enough to impress his viewers who have no clue about arabic let alone the difference between authentic reports in history/Hadith books and non-authentic ones (thus Moshiri and his like – just like the Shia clergy – quote whatever suits their agenda to bash Islam, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

Anyway, Mostafa Tabatabai (NOT A Shi’ite and NOT a Mollah) and other scholars are doing well exposing the lies of the likes of Moshiri with reason, logic, proofs and authentic history records.

Here is the VIDEO playlist

رد شبهات ملحدین (Persian articles refuting the doubts around Islam)

حضرت عمر رضی الله عنه با ایرانیان بی عدالتی کرده ؟  

پاسخ به دروغ سوزاندن کتابخانه های ايران و مصر توسط مجاهدين صحابه

خمینی قبل از انقلاب میگفت ما عدالت عمر را میخواهیم!

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