Arabic Qasidah/poem by an Iranian Sunnah scholar – *** “If the fellowship of Muhammad are Wahhabized … ***

The following Qasidah (kind of poem) was written by a Salafi-Shafi’i scholar from Bandar Lengeh/Hormozgan (south Iran). Most native Hormozganis (Arabs and Bandari Persians) are up to this day Shafi’i Muslims, same with the Shaykh Allamah Molla Emran Ibn Ali Ibn Ridhwan Al-Harithi Al-Shafii Al-Farsi Al-Lanji who lived during the 13th after Hijrah (beginning of the 19th century AD).

*** “If the fellowship of Muhammad are Wahhabized … ***
(… then I testify that I am a Wahhabi!” I reject all the partners beside the true deity, thus no Lord remains for me except the One, the Wahhab (Bestower) …”)

The Shaykh was an orthodx scholar upon the school of Imam Shafi’i and a staunch Salafi in Aqidah and the poem deals quite smoothley with the masked Jahmiyyah of our time …

Here the poem, two shorter versions and one long version, including the arabic text (the poem is in arabic, many classical Iranian poets, even those who have written many Persian poem, also wrote many arabic poems.):

>>>the above version in MP3<<<

NOTE: He (may Allah have mercy on him)  intentionally used to term “Wahhabi” which is of course a derogatory term (mostly used by Jahmite Rafidis, Sufis and by the west i.e. Kuffar!)  in a rethorical way, it’s like saying:

“If being a Muslim equals terrorism, then I bear witness that I am a terrorist”.

This is a rethorical way to AFFIRM ones Islam (IF one is accused of being a terrorist, merely due to his Islamic belief!), of course it is not intended to affirm the actual slander, rather it’s a rethorical backfire on the slanderer. Many scholars used this very smart way to respond to their accusers, like Shaykh Bin Baz (may Allah have mercy upon him) who >>said<<:

فإذا دعوت أحداً إلى التوحيد ونهيته عن الشرك فقال: الوهابية! قل: نعم أنا وهابي وأنا محمدي، أدعوكم إلى طاعة الله وشرعه، أدعوكم إلى توحيد الله، فإذا كان من دعا إلى توحيد الله وهابي فأنا وهابي، وإذا كان من دعا إلى توحيد الله ناصبي فأنا ناصبي، وإذا كان من دعا إلى توحيد الله شيعي فأنا شيعي، ا،

“… Hence when someone calls to Tawhid [monotheism] and forbids polytheism [Shirk] he/they say:”Wahhabism!” Yes, I am a WAHHABI and I am a MUHAMMADI, I call you to the obedience of Allah and his Shari’ah, I call you to Tawhidullah. Therefore if  calling to Tawhidullah makes one a “Wahhabi” then verily I AM A WAHHABI. And if calling to Tawhidullah makes one a Nasibi, then verily I AM A NASIBI. And if calling to Tawhidullah makes one a Shi’ite, then verily I AM A SHI’ITE …”

and a thousand year before Ibn Baz (may Allah have mercy upon him), Imam Al-Shafi’i (may Allah have mercy upon him) said:

إذا نحن فضلنا عــلياً فإنـــنا ….. روافض بالتفضيل عند ذوي الجهل
وفضل أبي بكر إذا ما ذكرته ….. رُميت بنصب عند ذكري للــفضل (( بنصب أي ناصبي كما يقول الرافضة ))
فلا زلت ذا رفض ونصب كلاهما ….. بحبيهما حتى أوسد في الرمــــــل

“When we preferred Ali … the ignoramus accused us of being Rawafid. [i.e. being Shia Rafidah, as the Nasibah/Nawasib accuse those who love the progeny of the Prophet peace be upon him[

And when we mentioned the virtues of Abu Bakr … we are being accused of Nasb [i.e. being Nasibah/Nawasib, as the Rafidah accuse those who love and follow Abu Bakr)

[Imam Al-Shafi’i in his Diwan في باب حب آل البيت]

(Note: Some Rafidah have the audicaty to claim that Imam Al-Shafi’i was a Rafidi! Due to their lack of brains, let alone rethorical skills, they believe that Imam Al-Shafi’i ascribed himself to the Rafidah! Of course this is nothing but a >>BLATANT LIE<<)

And Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (may Allah have mercy upon him) said:

يقول شيخ الإسلام رداً عليهم:

إن كان نصباً حب صحب محمدٍ * * * فاليشهد الثقلان أني ناصبي

“If Nasibism (i.e. being a Nasibi) means loving the companions of the Muhammad …. Then may the two weighty things testify that I am a Nasibi.”