The Iranian Shi’ite regimes dark shadow on a Sunni student graduation ceremony

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photoAfter the crackdown on two Sunni school in southern Iran (in the Fars and in the Hormozgan province) by the Iranian authorities (an old tactic by the Iranian Shia regime to send out the warning to the rest of the Sunnis in Iran), we are glad to inform you about some good news, after all, the Iranian Shia regime and the Shia clergy – despite all the hate they harbor – can’t concentrate on harassing and persecuting the Iranian Sunni community without a break. After all they are busy backing up a mass-murdering Sunni killer and tyrant in Syria and they are themselves active in fighting and killing the Syrian people, so here and there the Sunni community of Iran gets the opportunity to practice their religion (in their own majority Sunni areas!) without any interference from the Iranian regime and the Mullahs of Qom (and the Iranian regime is in need of granting the Iranian Sunni community such freedom, because this is what they are going to use to fool their gullible admirers from amongst the ignorants of the Sunnis worldwide to portray themselves as a Shi’ite, yet just and Sunni-friendly country). Here some pictures from the graduation:


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The Rise of Persian Salafism

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Don’t get confused by the title, that’s what the de-turbanised Iranian theologian (!) used to refer to the Sunni awakening and revival inside Iran. Most native Iranians Sunnis are either Shafi’is (Persians in Larestan, Arabs in Hormozgan and Kurds) or Hanafis (Baloch, Turkmen and a minority amongst the Azeri Turks). Terms such as Salafism or ‘Wahhabism’ are employed by scaremongers to discredit the noble cause of many Iranian Shi’ites who without any force are freely choosing Sunnism over Safavid Shi’ism, after all Sunnism was the sect that flourished more than 900 years in Iran (compared to the 500 years of Shi’ism i.e. post-Safavid Iran).

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1022570-195788-1More Iranians are turning to Salafism out of disenchantment with the Islamic Republic’s Shiite creeds, creating a clear threat to the regime’s rule.

Iran consistently accuses the United States and its allies in the Middle East of provoking tension between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Among these accusations is the notion that the West funds Persian-language satellite television networks whose sole goal is to ignite sectarian conflict. Tehran’s paranoid claims aside, many Persian broadcasters inside and outside the Islamic Republic are in fact engaged in a satellite war, and their various propaganda salvos point to a new phenomenon in Iran: the rise of Persian Salafism. The fact that a unique, puritanical interpretation of Sunni Islam is taking root in Shiite-ruled Iran has raised worries among the regime’s elite and the traditional Shiite establishment.

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‘Eid Al-Adha prayer in Sunni areas of Iran

October 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

‘Eid Mubarak to all our readers. Yup, a bit late but at least we got you some nice pics from the ‘Eid Al-Adha prayers in Sunni areas of Iran. All we got so far are some pictures of north Iran (Golestan area, where a huge number of Sunnis live):



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Taraweeh/Jama’ah prayers by Sunnah Iranians

July 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

…of course not in Shia areas (where Jews, Christians, ZOROASTRIANS and even SIKHS can freely worship) where Sunnis make the LARGEST minority groups (like in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad), but at least in our own Sunni areas:

Sami Zaatari – A Palestinian-Iranian defender of Islam

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Brother Sami Zaatari is an American of Palestinian-Iranian descent, Zaatari is a writer, and a public speaker who has taken part in public events of inter-faith and inter-community discussions. Zaatari also holds an MSc in the field of Middle East Politics. He contributed articles to, and of course on his own website

Check the links above, they inlcude debates with notorious Christian debaters like Sam Shamoun (Palestinian Christian) and rebuttals to the Ex-Shia Rafidite, Ali Sina.

Needless to mention that Sami Zaatari is a Sunni Muslim and not a Rafidi, just like Baba Ali (Youtube). By the way, this is Sami’s Youtube channel >>>

Late Qadhi Abdullah Mollazadeh

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3The eminent Islamic scholar, late Qadhi Abdullah Mollazadeh was born in Heet village of Sarbaz in Baluchistan, Iran. His father, Haji Muhammad, and mother, Bibi Hazari, belonged to religious and obliged families. Late Qadhi Abdullah’s father passed away on the way of Hajj (Pilgrim) in Africa before arriving to Jeddah. Abdullah was a child on that time; he felt the soreness of orphans.

The mother of Qadhi Abdullah got married to “Nadhar-Muhammad”, one of the village’s elders. He lost his young brother as well; the family, mother, a brother and a sister, remained under sponsorship of Mr. Nadhar-Muhammad.

Late Qadhi Abdullah’s mother and step-father did their best upbringing him in a good way as he was an orphan. He became very good at reading the Noble Qur’an in his early age. Shaikh Abdullah used to help his family in the agricultural works. When the family of Shaikh saw his zeal and zest for Islamic education, they sent him to “Parud” village in the vicinity of Heat. Shaikh studied at “Mullah Abdol-Malek” in his school in evenings. In Mornings, he was taking part in domestic works of his family.

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Over one million Iranian Sunnis in Tehran – Iranian officials say

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Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:36

TEHRAN Recently launched official statistics by the Centre of Census in Iran purport that the population of Sunni citizens of the Iranian capital, Tehran, has crossed one million. The news has exasperated some officials. A Shiite website, Shia-online, reported the news quoting an “informed authority” at the state-run census centre that there are more than one million Sunnis living in Tehran. The authorities confessed for the first time that the Sunni citizens of Tehran populate more than one million persons.The country-wide statistics was carried out in the last month in Iran.The religious Shi’a website expressed its deep concerns over the news, as the operators of the Persian website posted the news with a critical heading: “One Million Sunnis Live in the Capital of Shi’a World (Tehran)”…

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